Art Provenance With IOTA

“Ceres” By Dan Barber. 2'x4' wood stain
  • Production, creation, or discovery circumstances and legitimacy
  • Establishing history of ownership, custody and conditions of storage
  • Establishing moral and legal validity of chain of custody

IOTA For Provenance — How It Might Work

A Unique IOTA Wallet For Each Piece Of Art

The Art Piece — Two Factor Authentication — Part One

The Owner Certificate — Two Factor Authentication — Part Two


Updating Provenance

  • Wallets that can be tagged as receive-only wallets so the send address can never be used. This would allow for provenance to be written without concern that the wallet would ever be compromised.
  • Allow for artwork wallets to be queried from other wallets for a new receive address. I.E. IOTA has an API that allows third parties to query wallets for a new ‘receive address’ to which they can then send funds, and therefore receive addresses are never re-used.

Transfer Of Ownership

Starting A Conversation




Artist, Author, Educator, Re-thinker, Counselor, Speaker

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Daniel D. Barber

Daniel D. Barber

Artist, Author, Educator, Re-thinker, Counselor, Speaker

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