Discovering The Rosetta Pattern

Use The Rosetta Pattern To Move Seamlessly Between Modes And Scales

The Rosetta Pattern does for modes and scales what The Super Cluster Method does for the fretboard. By that I mean it gives a simplified framework for understanding them in the way that the students learn best.

The following diagram shows a simple flow of relationships between the C major scale and its derivative major and minor pentatonic and blues scales. The point is not that you should print it out and refer to it when you want to transition between scales, nor that you should memorize it. Rather, the point is that if you know the pattern of the major scale on the fretboard, and if you understand The Rosetta Pattern, finding derivative modes and scales is easy and intuitive, even as you change keys to other major scales.

The first order of business then, if you don’t already know it, is to learn the pattern of the C major scale. Not to worry, you can learn it very quickly with The Super Cluster Method. Once you are comfortable with that, the following diagram showing the derivation of scales will make a lot more sense.

Deriving Scales Using The Rosetta Pattern

The book will, of course, go into significantly more detail about what the pattern consists of and how to use it. This diagram is simply a distillation of a small part of the method. Once you know that method, there is really no need to carry around a cheat sheet — you’ll be able to switch modes quickly, easily and at speed while you are playing.

Get your copy of The Rosetta Pattern here. The full-color book is 72 pages long and includes The Super Cluster Method as an introduction.

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