Gravity As An Effect Of Harmonic Interference

The Harmonic Frequencies Evident In The Universe Beget Gravity, Not The Opposite.

Daniel D. Barber
4 min readJan 1, 2021


Considering the open question of what exactly gravity is (see the video below), I propose the following hypothesis for consideration.

In the image below, we see two frequencies, depicted in muted red and blue, which combine to form the black standing wave. The nodes, depicted by the red dots, show the points in the vibration where the standing waves have reached equilibrium.

Standing Wave — Harmonic Nodes As Red Dots

Watch the video below to see the organizing effects of sound waves upon physical matter — salt, in this case.

The salt naturally migrates towards points of harmonic stability. The same forces would act in the ‘vacuum’ of three-dimensional space; I.E. if salt is floating in space and subject to interfering electrical frequencies, it would physically be moved to the stable nodes of the interference.

Now consider if the electrical frequencies being generated are magnitudes of order larger, such that it is planets that are affected rather than salt.

Take for example, if it is the electrical frequencies being generated by the object at the center of the galaxy.

All physical objects have their own ‘natural’ frequency, or “or set of frequencies at which they naturally vibrate”. This frequency, determined by size, mass, make up, etc, would determine its resonance with the larger, encompassing frequencies.

All objects seek equilibrium. The nodes are the points where the electrical forces of the wave are equal or most stable; the point of equilibrium in a wave — and the point towards which physical objects will necessarily migrate according to their natural frequency.

Planets are no different — neither are moons, stars or galaxies. Each can be seen as having been captured by a larger frequency — one which is compatible with the object’s natural frequency.

If the wave is too small it will not be able to capture the object.

If the wave is too large, the organizing effect — capture and placement — would be minimal, or minimally noticeable.

If we hypothesize then, that planets are captured by the nodal points of larger frequencies — those from it’s star, galaxy and cluster — then the weak effects of gravity become almost self-evidently explainable.

The most minute point of harmonic stabilization, the node, will be within the core of the planet and will thus be the target to which all things are ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’, if you prefer. All objects on the surface of the planet would therefore be similarly affected. However, once separated from the electrical envelope of the planet, the amplitude of the wave would not have any effect on smaller bodies such as rockets.

The movement of larger frequencies against one another provides a reasonable explanation for the order that we see in the geometric patterns of other planets as seen from earth and from each other. These patterns show that there is a larger order at play here, one that is self-consistent across the solar system, the galaxy and the universe.

The Path Of Venus In The Night Sky- As Seen From Earth

Equilibrium points as an explanation for the order of the universe also scales well. Not only does it explain the order of planetary systems and the placement of moons around planets, but it also provides a nice explanation for the ‘instantaneous’ jump of electrons into smaller orbits. Any object, when pushed out of equilibrium, will quickly move towards a new equilibrium.

The force that moves physical objects to the nodes is clearly not a ‘strong’ force with no direct action upon the object. The frequencies do not ‘hit’ objects in order to move them.

The anti-node, the point of highest vibration, exerts an indirect influence to move the object towards the node, the way strong vibrations ‘push’ the salt toward the still points.

Large enough electrical disruptions from inside or even outside of our system would necessarily have an effect on the harmonic stability of the system and could cause temporary or permanent changes, rapid or slow, catastrophic or not, to the stability of our system.

I think it may also be of interest as an explanation for the birthing of planets from other planets as Emmanuel Velikovsky hypothesized to have happened to Venus from Jupiter. If the planet captured by the node is too large to be comfortably contained, the vibration induced in that planet could easily have lead to a calving of another by literally shaking it to pieces.

Destructive Power Of Vibrations

It is my assumption that galaxies are trapped in the nodes of larger system frequencies, stars are trapped in the nodes of galactic frequencies, planets are trapped in the nodes of star frequencies, and moons are trapped in the nodes of planetary frequencies. Clearly there are lots of frequencies flying about and with each frequency comes interference. And each interference pattern has an effect on the interference patterns and location and movement of the nodes.

Below is a two dimensional representation of the matrix within which all physical objects are held. The balls might represent galactic centers while stars would be held at the nodes, the points of most stability.

Note: I am not a physicist and have likely not use correct terminology for some of what I am trying to communicate. Please try to understand the gist of the idea without getting hung-up on minutiae.

If you refuse to give credence to EU ideas and understandings then this idea will likely not resonate with you. That’s okay. I am not trying to convince anyone and I am probably not the person you need to convince if you want to argue for orthodox cosmological principles; in other words, you will receive no satisfaction by arguing with me.




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