Ruminations on Reality: Consciousness

The Aether, Time, Consciousness, Intelligence, Matter and Energy

Daniel D. Barber
4 min readFeb 9


Part III of a multi-part discussion

The ideas in this article are dependent upon concepts which were introduced in Part I, The Aether and Part II, The Three Faces of Time.


As a prerequisite for ordered growth consciousness (see Part II, The Three Faces of Time) has been present since the beginning.

This can be interpreted in a couple different ways. The first is to consider consciousness as a mystical quality given to the Aether by a divine being at the very beginning of its existence. But this introduces a difficulty — for now we have a divine being that we have to account for, and for which there can be no accounting.

The second, and I think the correct, way to think of consciousness is that it is an emergent property of electromagnetism-in-motion. I.E. it is the Aether itself that is conscious, and therein rests the divinity that humans crave.

In the matrix of the Aether the point-fields are in a constant synchronized dance that extends infinitely in all directions through the universe — through this, each field has an awareness of the state of the other fields across the matrix. At least in a general sense, each field would know that each of its neighbors were at a complimentary charge in their oscillation to its own. And thus, would also be aware of the state of the fields one point removed, two points removed, three points, etc.

This is knowledge. This is consciousness.

The flow of electricity across the matrix itself also carries information that would be available to each point-field.

The possible explanations for human consciousness are the same as those above — it is either divine intervention or an emergent property of electromagnetism-in-motion.

Of course, it is electromagnetism-in-motion. The human nervous system is simply a highly specialized medium for moving, controlling and containing electricity, purpose-driven to support our existence under the particular conditions native to this planet — and therefore also severely limited in nature. We are capable of perceiving only a minute percentage of the reality in which we exist. The Zeroth State field has no such limitations.

Inductance as the Mechanism for Extended (Self-Aware) Consciousness

Induction is a property of electromagnetism in which electricity flowing through one circuit will induce a current in an adjacent, but not touching, circuit. This creates emergent knowledge between the two circuits. The parent circuit becomes ‘aware’ of the neighboring circuit by the resultant change in resistance and current flow that it experiences, and the benefiting circuit becomes ‘aware’ of it’s circumstance in relation to the energy flow from the parent.

But, it is more than that, for there is now information being held independently in the spaces between the physical. This can be verified by inserting a neutral third circuit into the mix, also without contact, and seeing that it too will pick up the signal from the other two — each circuit changing the nature of the field within the gap. Eventually, the electrical field in the gaps will be completely unique from that of any of the other physical circuits.

We can all agree that an electrical signal down a single circuit is not very interesting. The shared awareness — this ‘awareness in spaces’ — may not constitute much with ten, one hundred, one thousand, or even ten thousand circuits, but when the numbers reach a million, one hundred million, a billion or more, what does this ‘awareness in spaces’ look like? I’d argue that it is beginning to become recognizable as what is commonly considered consciousness.

The human brain contains eighty-six billion neurons and there are over seven trillion nerve endings in the human body. The sheer amount of electromagnetism-in-motion within these human circuits creates, in my opinion, a consciousness that is, by definition, not bound by the physical and has direct access to the underlying consciousness of the Aether. That feeling of being in touch with divinity which we all experience at times — that’s because we are, at all times, connected to the Source and under the right conditions — when we meditate, or get in the zone, or do the right drugs — we can experience the innominate mystery that is the Aether.

Functionally, the only difference between the simple two circuit example and the human nervous system is in the number of circuits and the complexity of the system.

Basic (Organizing) vs. Extended (Self-Aware) Consciousness

As mentioned in the earlier discussion of Time and Ordered Growth, a basic organizing consciousness is simply an innate characteristic of electromagnetism-in-motion. Extended consciousness, or one that involves some level of self-awareness, grows as the nervous system of the organism increases in complexity.

Key Assertions:

  • A basic, organizing consciousness exists in the electric signals flowing through neurons or synapses
  • Extended, self-aware consciousness exists in the complex interweaving of electromagnetic fields in the space between these circuits

Here ends Part III of my Ruminations. Part IV, Intelligence, is available here.