Ruminations on Reality: Intelligence

The Aether, Time, Consciousness, Intelligence, Matter and Energy

Daniel D. Barber
3 min readFeb 13, 2023

Part IV of a multi-part discussion

The ideas in this article are dependent upon concepts which were introduced in Part I, The Aether; Part II, The Three Faces of Time and Part III, Consciousness.

Intelligence is relative to one’s slice of consciousness. Einstein may not have been the smartest fish.


Given that everything in the universe is conscious, intelligence then is a measure of one’s ability to acquire and apply skills within one’s particular slice of consciousness. The larger and more complex the brain, the further separated the being’s active awareness is from the consciousness of the Aether. This separation is, however, bridgeable, as every organism also has simpler ‘brain’ structures, atoms, cells, nerves, and amygdala or amygdala homologues that are in constant oneness with the consciousness of the universe.

In fact, our ‘intelligence’ acts in many ways as an obstacle to accessing this deeper consciousness and knowledge by keeping us distracted with the concerns of our more complex slice. Simpler organisms, while considered less intelligent from a human-centric point of view (though they may be highly intelligent within their own slice) may be in a more consistent state of rapport with the consciousness of the Aether.

Humans can access this greater consciousness through activities like breathing (pranayama), meditation, yoga, psychedelics and various other methods.

Each consciousness, being the result of electromagnetic fields ‘in the gaps’, has access to the consciousness of the Aether. Each consciousness may also have access to other consciousnesses when within proximity or awareness.

Key Assertions:

  • Intelligence is a measure of adaptability within one’s own slice of consciousness
  • Intelligence may act as a barrier to oneness with the consciousness of the Aether
  • Each consciousness has access to the consciousness of the Aether
  • Each consciousness may also interact with others within proximity or awareness

Artificial Intelligence

True artificial intelligence won’t exist until researchers understand that consciousness, and therefore intelligence, exists within the gaps. Until then, they are only mimicking intelligence with software, clever circuits and large databases of information.

I stated earlier that intelligence is simply a measurement of adaptation within a specific slice of consciousness. Therefore the creation of AI cannot then be separated from the creation of artificial consciousness.

Key Assertions:

  • The realization of true Artificial Intelligence is dependent upon the creation of Artificial Consciousness.

Artificial Life

Additionally, true AI will require adaptive circuits that can both grow and wither in order to be capable of learning without having the ‘spark of life’. This is essentially artificial life. These adaptive circuits must be immersed in the electromagnetic field of the emergent consciousness and they must be self directing — able to grow, recede, connect, reconnect with other circuits — in order to be creative and be truly capable of original thought. Otherwise the system remains a simple automaton.

Key Assertions:

  • With the addition of adaptive circuits to true AI, Artificial Life might be created

Here ends Part IV of my Ruminations. Part V, Life, can be found here.



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