Ruminations on Reality: The Three Faces of Time

The Aether, Time, Consciousness, Intelligence, Matter and Energy

Daniel D. Barber
4 min readFeb 8, 2023

Part II of a multi-part discussion

The ideas in this article are dependent upon concepts which were introduced in Part I, The Aether

Time is defined as “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole”. That’s great word salad, but it skirts the real question — what is the mechanism that drives this progress forward? Without knowing this, we are essentially operating blind.

Being immersed in it, as we are, and subject to the vagaries and limitations of our perception from within, it is a difficult task to give time a concise definition.

This ambiguous lens of our individual perception disguises the fact that there are three separate phenomena that we experience as, or confuse with, time.

These are:

  • Frequency of point-field oscillation
  • Ordered growth
  • Our perceptual experience of time flow

1) Frequency of point-field Oscillation

Bluntly, the most objective measure of time is simply the frequency of oscillation of the tiny dipole point-fields in the matrix of the Zeroth State, as described in Part I, The Aether. This is the only aspect of the three that is not colored by human perception or experience. Even if the physical universe ceased to exist, the tick of this oscillation would continue.

Base Unit of Time

The base unit of time, the fastest speed that electromagnetism can travel, is the time that it takes for electricity to travel from one point-field to another.

2) Ordered Growth

This electromagnetic oscillation is not enough to explain the ordered growth of the universe — how does molecule A know to connect to molecule B instead of molecule N? To wit, ordered growth is not possible without an awareness of the present state (which quickly becomes an awareness of past states) and an ability to plan the future.

It is this ability to perceive the difference between past and present, and present and future that has allowed the physical universe to become itself and created the conditions right for life as we think of it.

To be clear, this must mean that the Aether itself is conscious.

Ordered growth however, is NOT time — it is simply the result of consciousness acting on the blank canvas of the Zeroth State over time.

3) Perceptual Experience of Time Flow

In the human experience, time seems to sometimes fly while at other times it seems to drag. While destructive to our ability to understand and clearly define this characteristic of reality, how we experience time has zero effect on the rate of oscillation of those fields in the matrix of the Aether.

No doubt, this perception is important to us and, I think, indicative of our quality of life at those particular moments in time; fast equals good, slow equals bad, or some variation thereof. And yet, fast or slow, the electromagnetic rotation of the point-fields in the matrix of the Aether tick on in their precise rhythm, regardless of our emotions or memories.

Note: Perhaps it is when we are in the zone and are experiencing timelessness that we are closest to the true nature of the universe and are experiencing time as it is meant to be experienced.

Does time objectively exist?

Yes. As described earlier, time is the electromagnetic oscillation of the point-fields within the matrix. These oscillations cannot be reversed. There is no going back in time. These oscillations cannot be sped up or slowed down by forces outside of their own internal logic. There is no going forward to a future that hasn’t ticked in yet. There is, after all, only the NOW.

Yet our consciousness is capable of much, as is the consciousness of the Aether. When we are able to put ourselves into a state of communication with it, it is not surprising that we can be rewarded with glimpses of possible futures. It is not a difficult stretch to believe that a consciousness such as the Aether is able to predict the future. It is, after all, dreaming the future into existence with every tick.

Key Assertions:

  • Time is an innate characteristic of the Aether, arising from the self-sustaining movement of the point-fields within
  • Consciousness, like electromagnetism and time, is simply another facet of the Aether (This will be discussed further in Part III)
  • The fastest that anything in the physical universe can travel is the speed with which electromagnetism can travel from one point-field to the next
  • Time travel, both forward and back, is impossible
  • Consciousness in not similarly encumbered

Here ends Part II of my Ruminations. Part III, Consciousness, is now available.



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