Ruminations on Reality: Matter

The Aether, Time, Consciousness, Intelligence, Matter and Energy

Daniel D. Barber
2 min readFeb 27, 2023

Part VII of a multi-part discussion

The ideas in this article are dependent upon concepts which were introduced in Part I, The Aether; Part II, The Three Faces of Time; Part III, Consciousness; Part IV, Intelligence; Part V, Life and Part VI, Mathematics.

Electrical Excitation on Comet Hartley 2


The definition of matter, in the context of physics, is essentially meaningless. Electrons, the veritable poster child for energy, have both volume and mass and are therefore considered to be ‘matter’. And to make things even more absurd, according to current calculations under the space-time framework, the volume of a single electron is the size of the entire universe.

Such semantic acrobatics makes the label of ‘matter’ a meaningless distinction.

The problem arises from the fact that we are using the wrong map. If instead of ‘states of matter’ we viewed reality through the lens of ‘states of energy’, categorization becomes much more intuitive simply because it is in alignment with reality.

It seems clear the reasonable point of departure from energy to matter is the energetic layer that somehow insulates an atom from the energy of the Aether. This action is probably a function of the self-contained attachment between the point-fields within.

By this new definition the hydrogen atom is, without ambiguity, the smallest bit of matter extant.


  • Matter is any object with insulative properties (self-contained energy), and both mass and volume.

Here ends Part VII of my Ruminations. Part VIII, Electromagnetism in the Matrix, can be found here.



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